5º Workshop de Teses e Dissertações em Ontologias


16 ноября19 ноября 2021

Форма участия: Очно-заочная

Срок подачи заявок: 26.07.2021

Организаторы: online

emal: [email protected]; ritaberardi@utfpr.edu.br; [email protected]; [email protected]

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Topics of interest:
Areas of particular interest to ONTOBRAS include, but are not limited to, the following:Ontologies and Conceptual Modeling:Ontological foundations for conceptual modeling and metamodeling
Foundational and upper ontologies
Semantic consistency
Ontology-based conceptual modeling tools and environments
Ontologies and knowledge organization:Facet Theory and Theory of Concepts
Terminology, Folksonomies, Thesauri, Taxonomies, Metadata
Documentary languages
Discovery of knowledge and reasoning
Knowledge representation and management
Ontology governance
Ontology Engineering:Methodologies, techniques and practices, composition and modularity
Interoperability between ontologies, integration, mapping and alignment
Ontological language interoperability
Ontology patterns and anti-patterns
Ontology evaluation and validation
Integration problems, practices and methods
Ontology Enrichment and semantic enrichment
Semi-automatic / automatic ontology building
Semantic Web:Modeling
Information retrieval
Ontology-based search
Linked open data (LOD) applications
Ontology and Natural Language Processing (NLP), computational linguistics, linguistic ontologies applied to text processing
Access, integration and exchange of data based on databases and ontologies on the Web
Knowledge graphs (construction, maintenance, reasoning) and knowledge graphs
Social and human aspects of the Semantic Web
Ontology Applications:Ontology for e-science, life sciences, e-business, multimedia and cultural heritage
Development of domain ontologies (Education, Health, Smart Cities, Government and others)
Ontology-driven information system design
Ontology-driven business modeling
Ontology tools: construction, reasoning, evaluation
Ontologies and data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence
Ontology Visualization
Ontology Teaching:Experience report
Production of teaching material

Review process
The submitted proposals will be analyzed by the ONTOBRAS steering committee. The review will take into account both its originality, clarity and relevance concerning the definition of the problem and purpose of the research, the analysis of the state of the art and related works, the adequacy of the research method used, the quality of the text, the potential to advance the Ontology research area, and whether or not the work is in a phase in which the student can benefit from participating in the Workshop (so that research proposals that are already concluded or defended will not be accepted). Submissions that are not selected for presentation at WTDO will also receive feedback from reviewers.
Presentation and awards
Accepted papers must be presented (through the videoconference platform provided by the event) exclusively by the candidate student, at the Workshop during ONTOBRAS. The student will receive feedback from a board of senior researchers in the area, and the session will be open to all ONTOBRAS participants. All presenters should attend all Workshop sessions in order to create a qualified venue for rich discussions. The schedule will provide the presenters with substantial time for discussions and questions by participating researchers and other students.
WTDO 2021 presentations will be evaluated in loco by previously designated area experts, and the results of evaluations (considering both submission and presentation) will serve as a basis for selection of the 2 best papers (1 at master level and 1 at doctoral level) of WTDO 2019. The best papers will be announced during the event, and will receive as a prize the exemption of the registration fee in the next edition of ONTOBRAS, valid exclusively for the student author of the selected research.
Important dates:
Deadline for submission of papers (full and short papers): July 26, 2021.
Notification of acceptance*: September 27, 2021.
Camera-ready submission: October 4, 2021.
Deadline for registration of at least one author per accepted work: October 24, 2021.
* Acceptance of the work implies that the student (author) enrolls in the seminar to present it.


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