6th International Symposium on Algorithmic Aspects of Cloud Computing

Португалия, Лиссабон

6 сентября7 сентября 2021

Форма участия: Дистанционная

Срок подачи заявок: 28.06.2021

Индексирование сборника: Springer

Организаторы: COMMITTEE

emal: [email protected]

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Submissions should focus on aspects of cloud-based systems and their algorithms, including (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Algorithms for Decentralized Systems
  • Algorithms for Dynamic Networks
  • Game-theoretic Approaches for Cloud Computing
  • IoT and Cloud Computing
  • Resource Management and Scheduling
  • Data Center and Infrastructure Management
  • Privacy, Security and Anonymization
  • Cloud-based Applications
  • Virtualization and Containers
  • Performance Models
  • Cloud deployment tools and their analysis
  • Novel programming models
  • Storage management
  • Fog and Edge Computing
  • Economic models and Pricing
  • Energy and Power Management
  • Big Data and the Cloud
  • Network and graph analysis
  • Network Management and Techniques
  • Caching and Load Balancing
  • Machine Learning for Cloud Computing & Systems
  • Cloud Computing & Systems for Machine Learning

Awards will be given to the best regular paper and the best student regular paper. A regular paper is eligible for the best student paper award if at least one of the authors is a full-time student (Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.) at the time of submission and the student(s) must have made a major contribution to the paper. The program committee can decide to decline or to split the awards. Awards are sponsored by Springer.

Accepted papers will be included in the post-proceedings published by Springer it its Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

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