7th International and Interdisciplinary Emotional Geographies Conference

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17 июля19 июля 2019

Форма участия: Очная

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Организаторы: School of Social Sciences & Psychology (SSAP), Western Sydney University

Контактное лицо: Yinghua Yu

emal: [email protected]

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Western Sydney University has the privilege to host the 7th International and Interdisciplinary Emotional Geographies Conference at Parramatta South Campus. This well-known international conference showcases interdisciplinary scholarship that addresses and advances the field of emotional geographies. The conference is linked to the international journal Emotion, Space and Society, published by Elsevier, which Professor Andrew Gorman-Murray (SSAP) co-edits with Dr Kye Askins (University of Glasgow) and Associate Professor Kate Swanson (San Diego State University). The conference has been held previously at: Lancaster, UK, 2002; Kingston, Canada, 2006; Adelaide, Australia, 2010; Groningen, The Netherlands, 2013; Edinburgh, UK, 2015; and Long Beach, USA, 2017. Building on a lineage of internationalisation and interdisciplinarity, the seventh conference promises to provide a forum for researchers from different disciplines to investigate and explore the role of emotion and affect in social and spatial processes.

About Western Sydney University and the Conference Theme

The geography discipline at Western Sydney University is rated 4 (above world standard) in the Excellence for Research in Australia (ERA) framework, and is ranked in the Top 200 globally by the QS University Rankings. Western Sydney University has diverse, multidisciplinary expertise in emotional geographies, encompassing researchers from a range of disciplines, including geography, heritage studies, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and education. Work within emotional geographies speaks to Western Sydney University’s four research themes: Urban Living and Society, Health and Wellbeing, Education and Work, and Environment and Sustainability. The 7th International and Interdisciplinary Emotional Geographies Conference provides an excellent setting to enrich the engagement of emotional geographies with these research themes.

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