Aotearoa New Zealand Artificial Intelligence Research Conference

Новая Зеландия, Крайстчерч

28 ноября29 ноября 2022

Форма участия: Очная

Срок подачи заявок: 30.09.2022

Организаторы: C Lecture Block, University of Canterbury

emal: [email protected]

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Aotearoa New Zealand is advancing the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence through fundamental and applied research, collaborating across academia and with industry, and the 2022 Aotearoa New Zealand Artificial Intelligence Research Conference will provide a further opportunity to network and share experiences, understandings and knowledge.

We want to give you the opportunity to be an integral part of the initiative as we look to further connect the artificial intelligence research community and foster discussion around the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence.

The second annual conference is being hosted by the Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | University of Canterbury in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Researchers Association.

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