Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security in industry 4.0

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We are facing a big data world, where IoT devices are embedded, connected, and generate a big volume of data. They give a challenge to the security academia and industry: A variety of malware variants and threats are newly emerging at a faster pace, but we cannot deal with them within due golden time with existing approach depending on known attack signature. Recently, the power of computing machines made a big advance, particularly in the AI area. Advanced technologies of machine learning, particularly deep learning, are being applied in the security area, and new results and issues have been reported. With AI, we could significantly increase the degrees of accuracy and robustness in the detection of attacks and operate detection systems without requiring deep security expert knowledge as before. However, machine learning-based security approaches are likely vulnerable to poisoned datasets which can be caused by a legitimate defender’s misclassification or attackers aiming to evade detection by contaminating the training data set. There also exist obvious gaps between the lab environment and the real world. Therefore, it is critical to check the potentials and limitations of AI-based security technologies in terms of metrics such as security, performance, cost, time, and consider how to incorporate them into the real world by addressing the gaps appropriately. This Book is focused on state-of-the-art research from both academia and industry in big data security relevant sciences, technologies, and applications.
The main objective of this book is to provide significant theoretical backgrounds and the state-of-the-art research findings in the Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security in industry 4.0. This Book will enable the academician and industrialist to apply and develop an AI based cyber security application.
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to AI and Cyber security for industry
2. AI for Industrial automation using Cyber security
3. Applying deep learning and cyber security in medical industry
4. Intelligent Autonomous Drones in industry 4.0
5. AI and IOT security for manufacturing industry
6. Intelligent methods for analysing and correlating log
7. AI Driven vehicle security
8. Applying machine learning techniques and tools for malware analysis in IT industry
9. Intelligent methods for profiling threat and adversary
10. Edge /fog/cloud computing for AI based security services
11. Artificial intelligence based cyber security applications


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