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Cloud and Fog Computing Platforms for Internet of Things Applications

10 апреля—15 июня 2021

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Book Title: Cloud and Fog Computing Platforms for Internet of Things Applications
ISBN: 978-1-032-10150-7(HB), 978-1-003-21388-8(EB)
Cloud Computing for Society 5.0
Dr. Vishal Bhatnagar
Professor, Dept. of CSE
NSUT East Campus, Delhi
Dr. Vikram Bali
Professor & Head, Dept. of CSE
JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida
Abstract Submission: 10th April 2021
Abstract Notification: 20th April 2021
Full Chapter Submission: 20th May 2021
Review Notification: 31st May 2021
Final Acceptance/ Rejection: 15th June 2021
For Queries related to submission, please feel free to contact:
Dr. Pankaj Bhambri
Dr. Sita Rani
The Internet of Things (IoT) generates a broad variety of info. However, the opportunity to continue forward may have stopped as the data reach the cloud for analysis. The proposed work will target IT and organizational technology experts and will outline a new IoT data processing and intervention (Fog Computing) system. The most time-sensitive data on the networks, near where it is produced, is i)analyzed instead of transferring large quantities of IoT data to the cloud, edge or fog computing, ii) act on IoT data in policy milliseconds and iii) submit the selected data to the cloud for historic analysis and long-term storage.
IoT speeds up understanding and reaction to multiple events. Faster response times improve productivity, raise the quality of service and strengthen the security in sectors such as development, oil and gas, infrastructure, transport, mines and the public sector. Connecting modern hardware types to the Internet often opens up new markets for businesses. Pay-as-you-drive insurance, service illumination and service computer are its examples. The Internet of Things promotes the construction of a modern infrastructure. The established cloud models are not designed to handle the volume, scale and pace of data generated by the Internet of Things. Hundreds of billions of machines that were previously unconnected generate more than two exabytes of data every day. By 2023, nearly 100 billion «stuffs» would be linked to the Internet. To migrate, all the data from these objects to the cloud for review, it will take vast quantities of bandwidth. In addition, pluralities of new materials serve billions of new goods. Some devices use industrial protocols and not IP to communicate with a controller. These data can first be migrated to IP before they are sent for retrieval or storage to the cloud.
This book focuses on the cloud and fog computing problems and solutions for IoT applications. It will cover the new approaches to frames and schemes to deal in the fog/cloud paradigm of storage, communication, computing and control. These new approaches support IoT and new applications in relation to potential network wireless architectures. The book explores recent and new trends and leads to a potential course for the ideas, practices, norms, and strategies related to IoT communication, working on the evolving mobile networking paradigms for 2021-2022.
The Book Chapters Titles available (but not limited to) are: Journey of Cloud, Opportunities and Challenges
Introduction to Sensors and IoT
Protocol Stack in Wireless Sensor Networks
Virtualization concepts and Industrial standards
Introduction to Cloud Computing and its platforms
Introduction to Fog Computing and its architecture
Routing Protocols, Device to Device Communication and Service Discovery in IoT
Resource Management and Task Offloading
Resource Allocations and Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Virtual Private Cloud: IoT based applications
IoT Data Analytics
Sophistication of Systems and Role of Machine Learning in IoT-Cloud Platforms
Design Challenges in IoT Applications: Case Study Approaches
Fog Computing Application in Smart City: Case Study Approaches
Programming Smart Devices and Data Gathering through Cloud Platforms
Industrial IoT
Fog Computing Architecture for Cloud of Things
iFogSim Toolkit
Energy-Efficient Cloud and Fog Computing
IoT for Healthcare Systems
Cloud-Fog-IoT Federation
Cloud-Fog-IoT Queuing Model
Towards Osmotic Computing: Integration of IoT-Fog-Cloud
Autonomous Transportation System through IoT-Fog-Cloud
Security Issues in IoT-Fog-Cloud
Case Studies in IoT-Fog-Cloud
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Dr. Pankaj Bhambri Dr. Sita Rani Dr. Gaurav Gupta Dr. Alex Khang
GNDEC, Ludhiana GGI, Khanna Punjabi University, Patiala GRITEx. VUST.


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