Россия, Саров

6 июля16 июля 2020

Форма участия: Дистанционная

Срок подачи заявок: 06.07.2020

Индексирование сборника: РИНЦ, Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar, Перечень ВАК, Chemical Abstracts,

Цена участия: Payment for participation: For speakers: Early payment – 500 euros (until may 31, 2020) Registration fee-550 euros (until June 15, 2020) Registration fee – 600 euros (until June 30, 2020) Late registration fee-650 (until July 3, 2020) Late registration fee-750 (until July 6, 2020) Registration fee for co – authors of the report and participants without a report-125 euros (until June 30, 2020) Registration fee for co-authors of the report and participants without a report – 200 euros (until July 06, 2020).

Организаторы: Scientific Technical Centre “TATA”

Контактное лицо: Alexander L. Gusev

Контактный телефон: +79047884477

emal: [email protected]

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Event Type: Conference

Presentation: Digital

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Contact E-mail: [email protected]

Location: Sarov, Russia

Date: July 06-16, 2020

Final Submission: July 03, 2020

Notification: July 04, 2020

Organization: Scientific Technical Centre “TATA”

Conference Tags: alternative energy and ecology energy storage energy materials renewable energy energy technology green energy energy economics sustainable energy clean energy energy engineering fusion energy wind energy nuclear energy building energy bioenergy wind energy and hydro power marine energy energy catalysis renewable energy development ocean energy ecology low energy architecture ecological sciences

International Association Alternative Energy and Ecology – IAAEE opens a series of events of the Fourth world Congress Alternative Energy and Ecology  – WCAEE-2020.


The First Event of the WCAEE – 2020:  Conference  WCAEE-ICEEC-2020

In the period from 6 July to 16 July 2020 International Association Alternative Energy and Ecology – the IAAEE together with the Institute of Hydrogen Economy (Russia), Scientific-Technical Centre “TATA” (Russia), Scientific-Technological Center “Sarov Laboratory of Sensor Technology” (Russia), Scientific-Innovation Center “Laboratory of the Technology Safety” (Russia), Scientific-Innovation Center “CRYOS”  in the framework of the Fourth World Congress Alternative Energy and Ecology – WCAEE -2020 holds the First International Conference “Energy, Ecology, Climate 2020” – WCAEE – ICEEC-2020 on the 70 – to the Anniversary of Professor, Doctor of technical Sciences, Head of the Department of “Nuclear power”, honored power engineer of Russia Sergey E. Shcheklein. – https: // / Jour / объявление / просмотр / 82

The deadline for submitting applications for participation in conferences is June 30, 2020. Abstracts and presentations are submitted for participation in the conference. Scientific reports are submitted from may 12 to June 30, 2020 and are published in the International Scientific Journal for Alternative Energy and Ecology (ISJAEE) in the form of scientific articles. Conference reports in the form of scientific articles will be re – published in the first quartile of Web of Science and Scopus. Abstracts will be published in the international scientific journal “Life and Ecology”.

The presentation of reports in Power Point shall be submitted until 30 June 2020. All presentations will be posted on the conference website and on the journals’s website. Presentations can be presented with audio accompaniment.

To participate in the Fourth World Congress Alternative energy and ecology – WCAEE-2020, you need:

1) Abstracts (no more than 2 A4 pages, no more than 3600 characters in total) in Russian and English;

2) Report in the form of an article according to the rules of the journal (the article should not exceed 12 A4 pages, the number of illustrations should not exceed 5, the recommended list of references-22-25 sources);

3) Presentation in Power Point, it is possible with video / audio recording of the speech;

4) Paid registration fee, in exceptional cases a Guaranteed letter of payment within a month;

5) Application for participation in the Congress in an official form indicating: full name of each participant, title of the report, type of report (oral, plenary, poster) – in any form.

6) Registration card of WCAEE conference participants

template in the word format

the template in pdf format

All authors will receive a Certificate Of participation in the Conference. The authors of the three best works will receive: Gold, Silver and Bronze Cups.

The winner of the world Gold Cup will receive a subscription for 2021 as a gift. 5 best authors of scientific papers will be awarded scientific awards of the editorial Board.

The volume of the scientific article is up to 7 pages A4 (12 font, one and a half interval), 5 mandatory illustrations. If you exceed the set format, you must pay 50 euros for each additional page of 1800 printed characters.

The volume of the scientific review is up to 12 pages A4 (12 font, one-and-a-half spacing), 7 mandatory illustrations. If you exceed the set format, you must pay 50 euros for each additional page of 1800 printed characters.

We invite sponsors:

Gold sponsor (us $ 3000), Silver sponsor (us $ 2000), Bronze sponsor (us $ 1000).

Contest articles will be featured on the covers of journals issues.


Presidium of the Program Committee  WCAEE – ICEEC – 2020:

1) The Chairman of the programme Council WCAEE – ICEEC – 2020 – Alexander Gusev, President of the International Association Alliance for Energy and Ecology (ISJAEE), Chief editor of International scientific journal for Alternative energy and ecology (ISJAEE),

2) Co-Chair of the program Committee WCAEE -ICEEC – 2020 – Honorary Presidentof the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) – Prof. Dr. T. N. Veziroglu (USA, Miami),

3)  Co-Chairman of the Program Board of the WCAEE-ICEEC – 2020 Conference-Prof. Dr. Michael HAMPTON (USA, Orlando),

4) Co – Chair of the Program Committee WCAEE -ICEEC – 2020 – Professor V. I. Tyutyunnik, President of the International Information Nobel Centre (Russia, Tambov),

5) Co – Chair of the Program Committee WCAEE -ICEEC – 2020 – Professor Dr. S.E. Shcheklein (Russia, Yekaterinburg, Ural Federal University).

6) Doctor of technical Sciences Vladimir Ivanovich Velkin (Russia, Yekaterinburg, Ural Federal University)

7) Ivan Zassoursky, Ph. D., Head of the Department of new media and communication theory, faculty of journalism, Lomonosov Moscow state University (Russia, Moscow, Saint Petersburg)

Members of the Program Board of the WCAEE-ICEEC – 2020 Conference:

Included in the list of the Program Committee of the WCAEE-2020 Congress as a whole.

Information in the Conference Index

Historical background:

The first world Congress Alternative energy and ecology – WCAEE-2006 was held in 2006 and was held in four regions of Russia on Board the ship “Georgy Zhukov”. The Congress was attended by more than 1000 participants, events.


Information source:

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