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Организаторы: Organising Committee of ICSMGE 2017

Контактное лицо: Ms. Soi LEE

email: secretariat@icsmge2017.org

Телефон: +82-2-6288-6347

2017-09-17 12:00:00 2017-09-21 12:00:00 Europe/Moscow 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE 2017) URL события: https://xn--e1aajagscdbhlf4c6a.xn--p1ai/events/international-conference-on-soil-mechanics-and-geotechnical-engineering-icsmge-2017/ Сеул, Южная Корея Organising Committee of ICSMGE 2017 secretariat@icsmge2017.org



Under the theme, “Unearth the Future, Connect Beyond”, the 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE 2017) will be held in Seoul, Korea from 17 to 21 September 2017. The conference will be hosted by Korean Geotechnical Society and organized by the organizing committee of ICSMGE 2017.
The host country, Korea, as a country successfully transitioned with appealing development history.
Our theme, “Unearth the Future, Connect Beyond” is about bridging the gap between past and future, between young and senior engineers, and between developing and developed nations. Making those connections is the key to greater innovations like we did!
The objectives of the 19th ICSMGE-Seoul 2017 are as follow:
• To pursue mutual understanding and collaboration between experts and interested parties
• To create an opportunities of sharing and learning up-to-date knowledge and offer a platform where experts, researchers and students could be reassembled to discuss present and prospective pertinent issues
• To arouse a positive momentum in achieving the convergence of Korea’s advanced civil construction technology and high technology, with the application of renewable energies, IT, BT and Nano technologies. • To establish an environment where transforming research is implemented to improve science and social structure
The venue city, Seoul, is the heart of the nation and home to 12 million national and foreign residents. It is a remarkable world-class city where contemporary lifestyle meets long-standing history.
Seoul is one of the top 5 international meeting destinations and has been home to many outstanding international, regional conferences and events.
Seoul offers the warmest hospitality, world-class services and high value-added accommodation facilities.
COEX is the designated venue for the ICSMGE 2017. Coex has been home to many of Korea’s most substantial and momentous events including the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, G20 Seoul Summit, the World Cup Championship Media Centre, ASEM meeting and many others. The Centre consists of four main exhibition halls and 54 meeting rooms, hosting about 200 exhibitions and over 2,000 meetings and events annually.

It is our sincere gratitude to invite you to Seoul! We guarantee you will experience the culture and people you have never met before.

  • Topics (Tentative)
  • Topic 1: Laboratory Testing and Modelling
    1a: Laboratory Testing
    1b: Numerical/Physical Modelling
    1c: Prediction of Soil Behaviour
    1d: Unsaturated Soils
    1e: Problematic Soils and Geosynthetic Material
    1f: Micro-macro Transition
    Topic 2: Small and Large Works
    2a: In-situ Testing
    2b: Foundations and Retaining Structures
    2c: Tunnelling
    2d: Railways
    2e: Roads and Pavements
    2f: Marine and Fluvial Geotechnics
    2g: Underground Structures
    2h: Structures in Seismic Areas
    2i: Pile Foundations
    2j: Ground Improvement, Grouting and Dredging
    Topic 3: Natural Hazards
    3a: Slope Stability and Landslides
    3b: Earthquake Related Problems
    3c: Coastal and Fluvial Hazards
    3d: Floods
    3e: Drought
    3f: Other Natural Hazards
    Topic 4: Environmental Preservation and Sustainable Development
    4a: Preservation of Historic Sites
    4b: Protection and Rehabilitation of Ecosystems
    4c: Assessment and Treatment of Pollution
    4d: Reversible Construction
    4e: Geotechnics and Renewable Energies
    4f: Optimizing Construction and Sustainable Development
    Topic 5: Geotechnical Cultures and Responsibilities
    5a: National and International Practices
    5b: Standards and Design Codes
    5c: Regulations and Innovation
    5d: Geotechnical Education and Training
    5e: Instrumentation in Geotechnical Engineering
    5f: Monitoring and Observational Design
    5g: Risks and Responsibilities of Geotechnical Engineers
    Topic 6: Future Technological Innovation
    6a: Antigravity practices
    6b: Robotics and Automation
    6c: Nano-Bio-Geo Convergence
    6d: New / Advanced materials
    6e: New / Alternative energies (methane
    hydrate, shale oil/gas)
    6f: Other future prospects

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