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Academic Conferences Association and Czech Technical University in Prague
Организаторы: Academic Conferences Association and Czech Technical University in Prague

Контактное лицо: Jiri Vopava

email: info@academic-conferences.eu

2018-10-12 12:00:00
2018-10-13 12:00:00
The 13th Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Prague 2018
URL события: https://xn--e1aajagscdbhlf4c6a.xn--p1ai/events/multidisciplinary-academic-conference-prague-2018/
Прага, Чехия
Academic Conferences Association and Czech Technical University in Prague

Conference Topics (The 13th MAC 2018)

1. Education, Teaching and Learning

Distance Education, Higher Education, Effective Teaching Pedagogies, Learning Styles and Learning Outcomes, Emerging Technologies, Educational Management, Engineering and Sciences Research, Competitive Skills, Continuing Education, Transferring Disciplines, Imaginative Education, Language Education, Geographical Education, Health Education, Home Education, Science Education, Secondary Education, Second life Educators, Social Studies Education, Special Education, Learning / Teaching Methodologies and Assessment, Assessment Software Tools, Global Issues In Education and Research, Education, Research and Globalization, Barriers to Learning (ethnicity, age, psychosocial factors, ...), Women and Minorities in Science and Technology, Indigenous and Diversity Issues, Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism, Pedagogy, Teacher Education, Cross-disciplinary areas of Education, Educational Psychology, Education practice trends and issues, Indigenous Education, Academic Research Projects, Research on Technology in Education, Research Centres, Links between Education and Research, Erasmus and Exchange experiences in universities, Students and Teaching staff Exchange programmes, Educational Technology, Educational Games and Software, ICT Education, E-Learning, Internet technologies, Accessibility to Disabled Users, Animation, 3D, and Web 3D Applications, Mobile Applications and Learning (M-learning), Virtual Learning Environments, Videos for Learning and Educational Multimedia, Web 2.0, Social Networking and Blogs, New Trends and Experiences, Wireless Applications and Other Areas of Education

2. Economy, Management and Marketing

Economic growth, Economic strategy, International business, Law and business, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Managerial economics, Economic of transport and telecommunications, Economic of web portals, Management consulting, Management education, training and development, Natural sciences and business, Organizational behavior, Research methods, Social sciences and business, Technology and innovation management, Risk management, Critical management, Management of transport and telecommunications, Marketing strategy, Marketing company and other Areas of Economy, Management and Marketing

3. Transport and Logistics

Urban public transportation, Air Transportation, Metropolitan Transportation, Water Transportation, Marine Transportation, Transportation Infrastructure, Transportation Planning, Transportation Safety, Transportation planning and system optimization, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Rail and Transit Systems, Transportation Management, Economics and Policy, Automotive Exhaust Treatment and Environment Protection Technologies, Energy Saving and Alternative Energy, Crisis Management in transportation, Crisis Planning in transportation, Logistics, Systems of supply chain, Production and Inventory, Planning, Information Systems,

4. Tourism

Tourism Education, Tourism and Economic  Development, Tourism, Recreation and Leisure, Tourism demand modeling and forecasting, The Future of Tourism, Tourism Geography, National and Regional Tourism Policy, Hotel Management and Marketing, Travel Agents and Tour Operators, Sports Tourism, Public Administration of Tourism Development, International Tourist Organizations and their role

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