Security for XR and XR for Security

Германия, Эссен
6 августа 2021

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Организаторы: virtual

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Scope of the Workshop

Augmented and Virtual Reality (XR) technologies are finding their way into users’ everyday life. Contexts of use are home entertainment or professional collaboration, among others. The increasing interest in XR technology raises a need for the community to focus more strongly on XR aspects related to usable security and privacy. Additionally, XR technologies provide promising opportunities to study usable security and privacy topics that exist or emerge in the real world in a simulated manner. However, it remains relatively unexplored which research challenges and opportunities arise out of XR technology used in a variety of different contexts.

In this workshop, we will bring together experts from the fields of usable security, augmented/virtual reality, and human-computer interaction as well as people interested in these topics to discuss current challenges and derive promising research directions that can inform and augment security and privacy research.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:User Authentication or User Identification Methods in AR/VR
Behavioral Biometrics for AR/VR
Understanding Privacy Aspects of AR/VR Applications
Conducting Security and/or Privacy-related Research in AR/VR
Privacy and Security Lessons Learned from AR/VR Experiences
VR/AR for Privacy and Security Education

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