The Anual Conference of the International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics

Германия, Марбург

22 августа25 августа 2021

Форма участия: Дистанционная

Срок подачи заявок: 30.04.2021

Организаторы: Philipps-University Marburg

emal: [email protected]

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We invite proposals for papers on topics including, but not limited to:

  • speaker/voice comparison
  • speech and audio enhancement
  • transcription
  • speaker profiling
  • disputed utterance analysis
  • authentication of recordings
  • Language analysis in the asylum procedure
  • automatic speaker recognition/comparison
  • voice line-ups
  • retrieval of population data
  • interesting case reports
  • exotic topics

Please note we will be giving strong preference to papers which present research or issues which have not been previously presented at an IAFPA conference, especially in the near past.

The conference will take place as digital (online) conference. Details about the specific plattform and modes of presentations will follow soon.

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