Workshop on Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography 2021

США, Сан-Франциско
16 сентября 2021

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Контактное лицо: Michael Tunstall — Rambus Cryptography Research

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— Fault injection setups and praxis:
— novel and improved mechanisms for fault injection, e.g., using
lasers, electromagnetic induction, or clock / power supply manipulation
— practical issues in fault injection setups and validation results
— practical limitations of attacks and implications for security
— Case studies:
— attacks on cryptographic implementations
— attacks on embedded devices like mobile phones, industrial control devices,
hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, security tokens, smartcards, etc.
— Attacks on Machine Learning architectures
— validation of earlier results
— Related highly-invasive attacks on device security:
— setups and practical results from invasive attacks, such as photonic
emission analysis, laser thermal imaging, laser-voltage imaging, etc.
— practical issues, limitations and potential
— Countermeasures (detection, resistance and tolerance):
— countermeasures for cryptographic implementations
— countermeasures for firmware of embedded devices, e.g., for bootloaders
— detection countermeasures, e.g., control flow integrity
— HW/SW co-design countermeasures for CPU architectures
— Design tools for analysis of fault attacks and countermeasures:
— early estimation of fault attack robustness
— automatic applications of fault countermeasures

FDTC 2021 proceedings will be published by Conference Publishing Services.

FDTC 2021 takes place as a Virtual Workshop on Thu. Sept. 16th, 2021 (to be confirmed), one day after CHES 2021.

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