1st international symposium on Integrated Flood and Sediment Management in River Basin for SusTainable Development

Вьетнам, Дананг

15 декабря18 декабря 2022

Форма участия: Очная

Срок подачи заявок: 16.10.2022

Индексирование сборника: Scopus, Web of Science

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Topics themes for FSMaRT 2022 include, but are not limited, to the following: Reservoir Management and Water FloodStrategies, Challenges and Transformation in Reservoir Management and Water Flooding
Well Engineering Optimisation for Reservoir Management
Flood risk management
Flood warning and forecasting
Coastal EngineeringCoastal hydrodynamics
Coastal sediment transport
Estuarine processes, fine sediments and vegetation
Coastal observations and monitoring
Coastal management and risk assessments
Sustainable DevelopmentCity planning and urban growth
Rural areas developments
Natural Resources management
Energy efficiency
Waste management
Artificial Intelligence for environmental scienceArtificial intelligence in weather and climate modelling
Artificial intelligence for climate applications
Artificial intelligence applied to remote sensing
Data mining and big data for environmental problems
Internet of things and smart cities
Fluvial Hydraulics
Sediment and pollutant dynamics in rivers
Fluid Mechanics and sediment processes
Hydraulic structures and their effects on bed, flow regime and ecology
River morphodynamics and restoration

All accepted full papers of FSMaRT 2022 will be published in a conference proceeding with an associated ISBN.
Several papers will be sellected to publish in River or International Journal of River Basin Managementindexed in Web of Scicence and Scopus database.

The University of Danang – University of Science and Technology
54 Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Lien Chieu District, Danang City, Vietnam

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