Smart Embedded Systems: Recent Advances and Applications

1 августа31 октября 2022

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This book will focus on applications ranging from education, smart applications of embedded systems, intelligence to the internet of things, and smart control and management of energy grids. The aim of this book is to cover a wide range of challenges in technologies and state of the art in embedded system design; development and realization of the smart and complex embedded systems with their applications i.e., software and hardware development, with the use of advanced digital technologies, and quality assurance for critical applications.
Another goal of this book is to discuss and present important developments in smart networking and communication, which have been developing rapidly in the technological world for a long time. Data processing near their generation point is highly desirable to avoid communication congestion. Therefore, this book covers important aspects related to edge computing, cloud server, neural accelerators, FPGAs, and embedded processors with artificial intelligence enhancements, while still working at low-power.

The scope of the book Smart Education Platform

  • Embedded system for sensor processing
  • Energy harvesting systems and applications
  • Healthcare data processing and cognitive technologies
  • Vehicular control and automation
  • Intelligent embedded systems, classifications, and architectures
  • Smart networking using embedded communication
  • Complex robotic control
  • Co-design systems for social networks
  • Smart audio-visual aid implementation using embedded technologies
  • Smart grid and energy management

Submission Guidelines
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Book Editors
1. Arun Kumar Sinha, Associate Professor, VIT-AP University, Andhra Pradesh, India
2. Abhishek Sharma, Assistant Professor, The LNMIIT, Jaipur, India
3. Luiz Alberto PasiniMelek, Engineer, Pumatronix, Curitiba, Brazil
4. Daniele D. Caviglia, Professor, University of Genova, Genova, Italy


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