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Срок подачи заявок: 28 ноября 2018

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Организаторы: Target Conferences

Контактное лицо: Vikki Hyman

email: eilatedu@target-conferences.com

Телефон: +972 3 5175150

2019-09-08 12:00:00 2019-09-13 12:00:00 Europe/Moscow 8th Eilat International Educational Course: PHARMACOLOGICAL TREATMENT OF EPILEPSY URL события: https://xn--e1aajagscdbhlf4c6a.xn--p1ai/events/8th-eilat-international-educational-course-pharmacological-treatment-of-epilepsy/ Иерусалим, Израиль Target Conferences eilatedu@target-conferences.com

The Course is held under the auspices of the ILAE Commission on European Affairs (CEA). The program is designed for junior researchers and clinicians (45 years and younger) working in the field of epilepsy treatment and related basic research.

It is open to young neurologists, neuropediatricians, pharmacists, pharmacologists, neuropsychologists and neuroscientists. We are happy to inform you that a number of bursaries have been made available towards partially defraying the cost of accommodation expenses of bursary recipients, who will also have their registration fees waived.

The course will take place in Jerusalem, at the historic Mishkenot Sha’ananim complex in the picturesque Yemin Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem, which is the ideal venue for this interactive postgraduate teaching program.

Jerusalem is an exceptional location for the course.  Sacred to the three major Monotheistic faiths, and with a history going back 5000 years, Jerusalem has something to offer everyone,   from the colorful narrow alleyways of the bazaars of the old city, to the youthful and vibrant road side cafes and restaurants of modern Jerusalem.  The diversity of this beautiful city adds to the unique experience for all participants of this course.

We look forward to welcoming you to Jerusalem in September 2019.

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