Cyber Security and Adversarial Machine Learning: Emerging Attacks and Mitigation Strategies

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12 апреля12 мая 2021

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Организаторы: Simula Research Lab.

Контактное лицо: Ferhat Ozgur Catak

emal: [email protected]; [email protected]

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This book intends to bring collectively the analyses and insights of researchers and scientists worldwide, but practitioners are also more than welcomed as chapter authors. All types of contributions are considered, ranging from real-life case studies to best practices, conceptual papers, empirical studies, literature reviews, and the like. This book aims to analyze AI and cybersecurity from a holistic perspective and provide a balanced and critical account of the sector’s digitalization, opportunities, impact and challenges and showcase a wide variety of opinions and viewpoints.


Foundations of understanding adversarial machine learning
Theory and algorithms for attacking with adversarial learning
Theory and algorithms of defending adversarial attacks
Novel applications of adversarial learning and security
Business data security with adversarial training
Medical/health informatics with security
Biological data analysis with security
Biometric recognition with security and privacy
Explainable machine learning for cyberspace security and safety
Human-machine intelligence for cyberspace security and safety
Cloud security and AI — Secure AI modelling and architecture
The novel cryptographic mechanism for AI
Cyberspace security and safety for 5G/6G
Cyberspace security and safety for industry 4.0/5.0

Important Dates

May 12, 2021: Proposal Submission Deadline
May 26, 2021: Notification of Acceptance
July 25, 2021: Full Chapter Submission
September 7, 2021: Review Results Returned
October 19, 2021: Final Acceptance Notification
November 2, 2021: Final Chapter Submission

This book is scheduled to be published by IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.), an international academic publisher of the «Information Science Reference» (formerly Idea Group Reference), «Medical Information Science Reference,» «Business Science Reference,» and «Engineering Science Reference» imprints. IGI Global specializes in publishing reference books, scholarly journals, and electronic databases featuring academic research on a variety of innovative topic areas including, but not limited to, education, social science, medicine and healthcare, business and management, information science and technology, engineering, public administration, library and information science, media and communication studies, and environmental science. For additional information regarding the publisher, please visit This publication is anticipated to be released in 2022.

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