International Conference On Digital Organizations

8 января9 января 2023

Форма участия: Очная

Срок подачи заявок: 05.11.2022

Организаторы: Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

emal: [email protected]

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The first edition of the flagship annual ICODO @ IIMA encompasses a doctoral workshop followed by the main conference as a research summit to gather prominent scholars & academic researchers from across the globe in a vibrant setting to converse on opportunities & challenges in the framework design, implementation and sustainability of the ongoing digital transformation across organizations. The main conference is a part of the broader Digital transformation events from 6th to 9th January 2023.

The objective is to increment our understanding of strategy, policy and requirements from the information systems to enable a responsible digital transformation leading to stimulation of new ideas with business, policy and academic research implications.

The forum provided by the inaugural edition of ICODO @ IIMA is going to be a productive venue for facilitating active collaboration among the who’s who of academia, young researchers, and learners. It is going to thrive in the congregation of a vibrant community. ICODO is currently planned as a hybrid conference with a few selected sessions made available online.

The conference theme for ICODO this year is “Leading and strategizing digital organizational transformations”.

The submitted abstract should not be under review in any of the journal or conference venues. Areas of research for your submissions include, but not limited to:

  • Governance, Strategy, and Value of Information Systems (IS)
  • Information Systems and Future of Work
  • Digital Networks and Communities
  • Sharing Economy, Platforms, and Crowds
  • Digital technology-driven entrepreneurship and New Business Models
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Concerns
  • Digital and Mobile Commerce
  • IS Design and Human-Technology Interaction
  • Digital Sustainability
  • Digital Banking and Future of Payments
  • Digital Tools for AI
  • Ethics of Digital technology
  • Use of Digital Technologies for large-scale impact on social and environmental change
  • Digital tools for improved manufacturing productivity (Industry 4.0)
  • Digital marketing tools for customer acquisition and enhanced customer experience

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