International Virtual Conference on Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

Индия, Манипал

24 февраля25 февраля 2023

Форма участия: Дистанционная

Срок подачи заявок: 31.10.2022

Индексирование сборника: Scopus

Организаторы: Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, MAHE, Manipal, India

Контактное лицо: Dr Vidya Patwardhan Professor and Coordinator-CHTR Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, MAHE, Manipal

Контактный телефон: +91 9964073262

emal: [email protected]

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Future of GastronomyEthnic Gastronomy experience
Food networks
Wellness culinary – Reconditioning the taste buds
Food Waste Management: Going Sustainable
Food Ethics and Authenticity / Food Safety
Traditional Foods
Super Foods
Hospitality Leadership: Vision of Young Graduates and LeadersIndustry’s vision of Tomorrow’s hospitality
Effective Leadership through Crisis
Leadership through storytelling
Effective Leadership through Crisis
Embracing Technology/IR4.0 Revolution: New Customer Experience (Cx)Data-driven decision making
AI in the Hospitality Industry, AR/VR to recreate the new Cx,
Opportunities and Challenges in Robotics integrated hospitality service
Technology Innovation and Crisis Management in the Hospitality Industry
Women in Hospitality LeadershipA new generation of women leaders: Ready or not?
Women’s Leadership Development
Charting a course: Moving on Up
Gen Next – Young Hospitality ProfessionalsModern thinking in hospitality
Startup versus Career in the industry
Values, Ethics and Lifestyle
Tourism and SDGsAligning with United Nation’s SDG
Rebranding Domestic Tourism
Tourism Revival Plans
Digital EventsVirtual Events: Survival or Sustainable
MICE Industry and Economy
Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure and Event Management EducationRedesigning Curriculum
Industry-Academia Partnership
Smart Learning Space and New Pedagogy

Accepted and presented full papers in Hospitality Insights 2023 conference will be published by Taylor and Francis in the form of proceedings to be indexed in SCOPUS.


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