Spanish Linguistics in the Southeast AND Spanish Linguistics in North Carolina

25 февраля 2023

Форма участия: Очная

Срок подачи заявок: 01.11.2022

Организаторы: Davidson College

Контактное лицо: Abril Jimenez

emal: [email protected]

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SLISE (Spanish Linguistics in the Southeast) is an annual conference focusing on research in all areas of Linguistics related to the Spanish language with a special focus on research conducted by researchers in the Southeast or related to Spanish in the Southeast.
The SLINKI (Spanish Linguistics in North Carolina) conference was founded in 2011 by faculty at North Carolina State University and Fayetteville State University, in order to share research and encourage collaboration among faculty and students across North Carolina and throughout the Southeast.
While the main focus of the conference is geographically motivated, we welcome submissions from researchers across the country!
The SLISE/SLINKI conference is a one day event and features talks by leading faculty and students. We strive to provide an inclusive conference environment that fosters intellectual exchange in a manageable format and at an affordable cost.

Submission Guidelines
We are excited to announce that SLISE (Spanish Linguistics in the Southeast) and SLINK (Spanish Linguistics in North Carolina) will be hosted at Davidson College in North Carolina on February 25, 2023.
We invite abstracts for 20-minute presentations and for poster presentations in any area related to Spanish Linguistics. While the focus of the conference is on work by researchers in the Southeast or related to Spanish in the Southeast, we welcome submissions from researchers across the country.
Sessions will be held throughout the day and will not be scheduled concurrently unless needed by the number of presenters. The poster session will be held during the lunch break. All abstracts, which may be submitted in either English or Spanish, should be in .pdf format and not exceed 500 words in length (references and figures excluded).


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