The Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics 13

12 мая14 мая 2023

Форма участия: Очная

Срок подачи заявок: 15.02.2023

Организаторы: National Taiwan Normal University

emal: [email protected]

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Topics, pro/Pro, covert modals, implicit light verbs/applicatives).An amazing accomplishment of theoretical linguistic research is the discovery that different types of silence can/must be distinguished and that East Asian languages differ as a group from English and European languages in a clustering of properties, and from each other with respect to (some of) these properties. But what are the real differences among these languages, if there are? And if true differences exist, what clues/correlations do we have in order to understand the differences and how can they be described? We encourage studies focusing on this theme, though we also cordially welcome original submissions on any other theoretical issues.


Abstracts must be in PDF format.
Abstracts must be written in English and should not exceed two pages of letter-sized or A4 paper, including data and references.
Abstracts should have 1″ margins on all sides and use font size 12 throughout.
Abstracts should have a clear title.
Abstracts and their metadata should not identify the author(s).
Submissions are limited to one individual and one joint abstract per author, or two joint abstracts per author.
Abstracts should not present work that has already been published or accepted for publication.
Please indicate whether your submission is for a talk or a poster presentation or both on the submission page.
The abstract must be submitted electronically using EasyChair at (submission starts on Aug. 20)


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