Websci21 Data Literacy Workshop

Великобритания, Саутгемптон
22 июня 2021

Форма участия: Очно-заочная

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Topics include (but are not limited to):
What do we mean by data literacy?
Why do we need data literacy?
How should data literacy be achieved?
How is data literacy addressed in educational settings?
What are the broader political, social and philosophical implications of data literacy?
What are the practical implications of data literacy?
What is the role of data intermediaries or facilitators? Is Data literacy for everybody, or will we always have the need for intermediaries between the creators/providers of the data and the consumers in order to provide insight on the context and meaning of the data?
Using Data Literacy for:
Enabling data journalism
Making research more sustainable and reproducible over time
Enabling smart cities for all
Enhancing efficiency of e-Government
Enabling data-based services
Creating and understanding data visualization
Data collaboration and crowsourced data
Understanding control/surveilance/access limitation over the Internet
The role of statistics for data interpretation

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